Iron Maiden ebook Cover

Tara has been betrayed.

The dragons went back on their word when they invaded Gydrocc and demanded Princess Amanthea as the dragon bride. Now the only defence the princess has is the handful of knights who volunteer to defend her in a tournament against the dragons.

Armed with her wits, a few friends, and a mace, Tara enters the tournament to defend her friend. Tara’s life hangs in the balance once again, but this time the dragons are not her friends. On top of it all, Lord Ruben has tightened his grip on Tara’s life, and soon there will be no choice but to follow her mother into exile.

Now is not the time to get nervous.

What other readers are saying:

‘The second book in J M Beevers’s Exile series brings together all the wonderful elements of the first book with added oomph! With Tara, Sid, and Bryn facing yet another seemingly insurmountable obstacle, it’s great to see that the fiercely independent Tara is (with a little help!) still stepping up to the plate.’  – Remy K (full review here)


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Iron Maiden can be read as a stand-alone book, however, please do get a hold of the first book in the series. You won’t be disappointed!’ – Remy K (reviewer)

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Stone Man Cover 10-12-2015

Tara has a contract with the dragons to maintain the safety of her kingdom, but it has to stay a secret from her uncle, the scheming Lord Ruben, or else she faces exile or worse.

Now, between her growing friendship with an untrustworthy foreign princess, secret meetings with the court alchemist, and the dragon she’s been sneaking out to negotiate with, Tara’s position has never been more precarious. When the dragons ask for her help to discover what’s happening at a remote mountainside, she discovers dark secrets about her friends, her family, and the mountain itself, secrets that put not only her own life in danger, but the future of the whole kingdom.

What readers are saying about STONE MAN:

‘Best YA lit I’ve read in ages.’ – Audrey (reviewer)

‘Refreshingly, Tara isn’t skilled with weapons or magic, yet is still likeable and pro-active. The story gets going quickly, doesn’t sag in the middle, and is funny.’  – IngeniousCat (reviewer)

‘The characters are well-developed with realistic (and very relatable) personality flaws and strengths. It left me wanting more.’  – Higgys5 (reviewer)

‘The heroine is a complex individual with real human thoughts and feelings. The adventure contained in this story makes you want to read the next book to find out what happens with Bryn, Tara, and Sid.’ – Tamara (reviewer)